Welcome to Gemini Ltd

Gemini Ltd is a dynamic trading identity that has landed multi-year International collaborations with well-known European manufacturing companies, specialised in different sectors, that range from Construction industry to industrial chemistry.

Gemini Ltd has been collaborating for many years with these companies, which are recognised market leaders in the commodities sectors. Gemini Ltd is able to provide its clients with a global service, from pre-sale consultancy to find the best customised solution to your needs, to after-sales assistance to improve your products and help you become leaders in this area.

It is thanks to these extensive collaborations over the years that Gemini Ltd is able to provide a range of internationally certified products of the highest quality, but above all, Gemini provides the know-how to better exploit the products and to increase your profitability and the quality that you offer to your clients.

We send specialised technicians to your company to understand what you need, to find a winning solution for your core business. This is amongst some of the unique services we offer in addition to the prime quality materials that we already provide. The main sectors in which we operate are composite fibres technology for building applications, basic chemicals technology applied to different product sectors and chemicals technology used in the food industry.